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Binder Metal Products carries over $2 Million in finished goods inventory. Below is a partial
list of various products in stock. For more information or custom configurations, contact us today.

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  • S.A.E. Pattern through hardened (F436)
  • USS Pattern through hardened (F436)
  • S.A.E. Extra Thick Pattern (F436)
  • USS Hardened Pattern Extra Thick (F436)
  • S.A.E. Clipped Pattern (F436)
  • S.A.E. Pattern (low carbon steel) Type A Narrow per ANSI B18.22.1
  • USS Pattern (low carbon steel) Type A Wide per ANSI B18.22.1
  • Fender Washers
  • Round Plate Washers
  • Square Plate Washers
  • Helical Spring Lock Washers (Regular Series-Carbon Steel)
  • Helical Spring Lock Washers Oversized, HDG (Regular Series-Carbon)
  • Malleable Iron (Round Pattern)
  • Malleable Beveled
  • Dock Washers (Galvanized)
  • Construction Discs
  • Automotive Flange

Over the last 10 years Binder Metal has tried to accommodate our customers needs and expectations. And as a result, we saw the need to jump into the machining industry. We had many requests for machining work, and a majority of the requests were from our existing customers, and we felt the need to accommodate our loyal customers.

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