Binder Metal Products can manufacture various configurations, we have a complete tool and die shop on the premises, with over 100,000 interchangeable dies, progressive, and compound dies. We offer hundreds of grades of ferrous and non ferrous material, and will produce the stamping to your specifications!

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We can produce stampings from .125 in. diameter to 15 in. diameter, and can stamp a thickness range of .001 in. to .625 in. thick. Our Custom Parts can be formed and drawn up to .500 in. deep.

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Binder Metal can offer a wide variety of Custom Stampings using Hard and Soft Tools that are manufactured in-house to maintain precise accuracy, controls, compliance, and high quality.

Custom Stampings sizes range from:

  • .125 inch diameter (miniature)
  • 15.000 inch diameter (large)
  • .001 inch thickness (extremely thin)
  • .625 inch thickness (thick)

Custom Dies include:

  • Inter-changeable Dies
  • Progressive Dies
  • Compound Dies
  • All custom Stampings

Binder Metal Products offers custom precision components for a variety of industries: Aerospace, Defense, Satellite/Space, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Trucking, Automation, Robotics, Medical, High-Tech, Semi-Con, and various other industries.

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Binder Metal Washers for these sectors and military standards include (partial list below)