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At Binder Metal Products we strive to provide customers with a simple
solution taking your concept/design from prototype to production under
turn-key high quality operations.

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Short/Long Run Volumes
  • Short-Run Volumes
    • Short-runs range from 100 to 5000 pcs lots
    • Lead-times are flexible
    • LVP – Low Volume Production is typical for pre-production volumes
  • Long-Run Volumes
    • Long runs start at 5,000 pcs. lots
  • Binder Metal will manufacture your Prototypes using our established turn-key processes
  • Prototype processing varies depending on the part and tolerances required
  • Prototyping lead-times range from 1 week to 8 weeks depending on complexity
  • Prototype and Short-Run volumes range from 1 piece up to approximately 1000 pieces
  • We understand engineers need to view, emulate and test new concept quickly.
Customer Analysis
  • Allows our customers the opportunity to submit prototypes proof of design quality and engineering for qualification and approval
  • Prototypes are processed and submitted for sign-off by our customers prior to producing large runs and tools/dies for production level runs
  • Binder metal also offers valuable DFM Engineering support

Materials: Exotic & Standard

Binder Metal Products stamps 100’s types of materials ranging from hot rolled mild steel to Titanium. We even stamp plastics, phenolics, rubber and nylon! Below is a listing of many types of materials we stock and stamp. If the material you are not looking for is not listed, please call one of our sales representatives and we will order the material requested. (Partial List)

T1100 301 1/4 Hard C1005 Phenolic 4130 260 Brass Monel 400
T2011 301 1/2 Hard C1008 Teflon 4140 360 Brass K-500 Monel
T2024 301 3/4 Hard C1010 Hi Density Poly 4340 Naval Brass Tantalum
T3003 301 Full Hard C1015 Fiber 4340 Phosphorous Bronze Carpenter 20
T5052 304 C1018 Celon 6150 Silicon Bronze Zinc Alloy A303
T6061 304 C1020 Neoprene/Rubber Galvanized Steel Naval Bronze Hasteloy
T6063 304 W/2B Finish C1026 Mylar Hi Strength/Lo Alloy Aluminium Bronze Waspaloy
T6262 304L C1040/45 Nylon ALX6N Sintered Bronze X-750
T7075 304 Bright Anneal C1050 Nylatron Copper Inconel
304 Polished C1075 Acetal Cor Ten
309 C1095 Nickel 200
316 Grade 50 Screen
316L Grade 70 Silicon Killed
317L A36
321 12L14
347 C1144
17-7 PH
17-4 PH