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At Binder Metal Products we are always working on new innovations that can help us better support our customers. Our new robotics technology is one way we are able to do that.

  • Kawasaki Robot Arm- MXE420L (1)

  • Kawasaki Robot Arm- RS030N (1)

  • Kawasaki Robot Arm- RS050NFE02 (2)

  • Fanuc Robot Arm- M-20iA35M (1)

  • Fanuc Robot Arm- M-710iC (3)

Measuring Systems

Measuring Systems use optical gaging along with x-ray material analysis to create material certifications.

  • Keyence IM-6120 (image dimension measuring system)

  • Oxford instruments- X-MET 8000 (X-Ray Material analysis)    *Used to verify Grades of Materials on the fly.